World Maps for Kids

World Maps for Kids

When studying the world, there will be times when a conventional map just won’t cut it, especially if younger children are involved.

The Scratch Map range offers a perfect balance of practicality and appeal by offering a wealth of information partnered with a beautiful aesthetic.

Learning can be fun, and this is showcased by the extensive Scratch Map range that has a vast selection of maps to suit any tiny personality.

This isn’t just any old maps, there are immersive and fun maps that are just as fun to own as they are to use.

The following is an example of some the Scratch Maps available for kids, and the features they offer.

Wild World Scratch Map

The Scratch Map range is famed for offering information about the countries and continents beneath the foil, but the Wild World Scratch Map goes one better by offering information about animals that can be found in different countries.

Regardless of whether your children are becoming fascinated about the world around them or want to find out more about their favourite animals, the Wild World Scratch Map is perfect for children of all ages.

Animal icons are scratched away to reveal the relevant information and a fact sheet that details over 70 creatures is also included.

Scratch Map Capitals

Learning about capital cities can be just as important as learning about different countries. Fortunately, there’s a scratch map available that his this covered in the guise of the Scratch Map Capitals.

The design of the Scratch Map Capitals is like that of a blackboard and looks great on any bedroom wall, especially if you use the Hang! hanging solution.

As the foil is removed from the map, children can unearth a multitude of facts regarding capital cities, including information about populations, density and altitudes.

As each section is revealed, the matte black finish is complemented by a series of vibrant colours making it the ideal learning tool for children of all ages.

Scratch Map Oceans

Dryland offers no shortage of amazing and alluring sights, but this doesn’t mean that oceans have little to offer when it comes to learning about the world.

Like other Scratch Maps, there are a series of facts available to children as each panel is removal that relates to the many oceans around the globe.

The Scratch Map Oceans ensures its colour scheme lives up to its purpose offering children vibrant blues that beg to be interacted with.

If your child is showing a keen interest in oceanology or you just want to ensure that they’re as familiar with the oceans as they are with capitals and landmarks, then the Scratch Map Oceans could be an essential addition to your child’s curriculum.

Scratch Map Adventure

Regardless of whether your child is going abroad for the first time or had become an avid fan of travelling over the years, there’s no denying how exciting a bit of adventure can be.

Although some holidays can be relaxing, others may want to stray off the beaten path when exploring the big wise world and ensure that there is a way for children to become interested in some of the hidden treasures that can be found around the globe.

Adrenaline junkies can build a bucket list with their children to ensure that they’re trying out some of the exciting adventures available, be it a unique amusement park or going swimming with dolphins.

Not only does the Scratch Map Adventure has a hint of excitement when planning holidays, but it’s also something that children can look back on in years to come.

Scratch Map UK and Ireland

Learning about the world can be exciting for children, but it can also be overwhelming if they’re only just becoming familiar with their surroundings.

As such, you may want to find a Scratch Map that only focuses on the United Kingdom and Ireland. Fortunately, that very map exists and can be the ideal entry point for those new to Scratch Maps.

As well as offering children a series of facts about the United Kingdom and Ireland, it also allows them to learn more about the town or city there were born in.

As the Scratch Map UK and Ireland only focus on local and nearby destination, the learning curve isn’t as overwhelming.

Once children are familiar with the Scratch Map, there’s very little reason as to why they can’t upgrade to another Scratch Map later on.

Scratch Map USA

As the name suggests, this Scratch Map is based on the United States and ensures that the aesthetic represents this.

Paying homage to the bold and proud nature of the USA, the iconic stars and stripes design is shaped into the different US states that can be removed with ease.

Some may have relatives that reside in the USA, whereas others may be a fan of large amusement parks and want something to record their many different experiences.

As well as being an informative and accurate map, it also looks great on any wall thanks to its retro-inspired design,

GiftLab Offers All Types of Scratch Maps

As you can see, there’s a vast and varied choice available when it comes to Scratch Maps, and this is only an overview.Although Scratch Maps are the perfect gift for children, they’re loved just as much by adults. As well as many iterations of the iconic Scratch Map series, GiftLab can also offer a wide choice of unique and unusual gifts at an affordable price.