Your Guide To Luckies Gift Wrapping

Your Guide To Luckies Gift Wrapping

Equally as difficult, and often ignored when it comes to the business of giving gifts, is exactly how you present them to your giftee. The amount of options can be quite crippling. Do you gift bag? Wrapping paper? Does it need tissue paper too? Bows? Tags? Do you tape the card on, or give it seperately? Is this paper too boring? Is it too busy? Don’t pretend you don’t worry just as much about what’s outside as what’s inside, because we know we do.

Some of us are born with the skill, and some of sadly just aren’t. There’s no shame in it, because really it’s what’s inside that counts. Still, it would be nice to have a few gadgets to make your gifts look a little more presentable…

Our Gifted Gift Bows more than solve the problem of how to tie that bow round fiddly little boxes. A stretch bow on a band that your simply place round your package. We can’t begin to tell you how time this frees up at Christmas.

If you’re wanting to customise and give your gift a little more personality, Just Your Type are our gold foil stickers. Various designs and alpahbets in different fonts mean you can make plainer wrapping far more exciting and personal.

Similarly, our Doodle Washi Tape is sticky tape that comes with different pictures and patterns on. Complete with 4 colouring pencils, you can then customise the tape your heart’s content. Whilst it’s not a time saver exactly, it will bring a special something to any gift you give, and you can’t argue that that’s not time well spent.

Whilst your old Grandma will always tell you it’s what’s inside that really matters, she couldn’t deny that she’d be pretty disappointed to get her Christmas present wrapped in newspaper and a carrier bag. These little treats from us here at Luckies mean that whether you’ve got the gift of wrapping or not, it’ll always at least look like you do.